We serve with analytics for an easy, simple way to provide services. Our web application helps your practice easily manage patients and the complications that come with billing insurances. We take on the full scope of your revenue cycle work, helping optimize your outcomes with technology that’s better with an outsourced solution. We eliminate revenue leakages by streamlining your entire workflow; from eligibility, to check in, co pay collection and the entire back office - helping you optimize revenue collection. With our unique blend of personal attention and billing sophistication, Caremedbill will take your billing operations way forward.


We provide money owed to Providers or medical billing companies for the medical care rendered to patients. We help in the collection of processes such as, identifying denied/unpaid claims, re-filing the corrected claims, minimizing AR days, and eliminating aged AR. We refer to the outstanding reimbursement owed to providers for issued treatments and services, whether the financial responsibility falls to the patient or their insurance company. We stay on top of efforts to collect reimbursement for accounts receivable.


We help you in the most efficient way to submit your revalidation. We allow you to: Review information currently on file. Upload your supporting documents. Electronically sign and submit your revalidation online. Because we believe being paperless, you won’t need to mail anything. Additionally, we are tailored to ensure that you only submit information that’s relevant to your application.

Insurance verification

We maximize your cash flow, minimizes your denied claims and keeps your patients happy. We confirm your patient’s coverage and benefits, whereas insurance authorization gives you a green light to provide certain services. We involve collecting patient insurance information and verifying it with the insurer. We make sure that you have a great encounter with a patient and feel good that you’ve provided a satisfactory patient experience. That excitement can come crashing down if you find out your patient’s insurance information was inaccurate and your claims were denied. Proper insurance verification before a patient encounter can avoid this undesirable outcome. The good news is that the verification process is nowhere near as tough as it’s often made out to be.


We help to enroll and attest with the Payer’s network and authorized to provide services to patients who are members of the Payer’s plans. In credentialing process, we validate that a physician meets standards for delivering clinical care, wherein the Payer verifies the physician’s education, licenses, experiences, certifications, affiliations, malpractice, any adverse clinical occurrences, and training. Payers may delay or refuse payments to physicians who are not credentialed and enrolled with them. Our customized Payer credentialing and enrollment services support physicians in: Starting or joining a new practice Switching from one physician practice group to another Join or become affiliated to new groups or practices Enroll with new payers Maintain their credentialing services.

EFT Setup

We use health plans to order a financial institution to electronically transfer funds to a provider's account to pay for health care services. An EFT includes information such as: Amount being paid. EFT allows for the electronic deposit of money directly into a bank account. It’s the same technology that allows employees on a company’s payroll to be paid via direct deposit instead of a paper check. In Care med bill EFT can facilitate payer and patient payments to your practice without any checks mailed or in-person encounters.

Reports (Monthly,bimonthly,Yearly)

Care Med Bill reports are considered operational analysis reports and are used by accountants to analyze billing revenues from various perspectives. Some of the main functionality in this type of visual report is that it is parameter driven and contains four major sections: Monthly billings by insurance company Monthly billings by biller Monthly billings by doctor Monthly billings by revenue group. We use several different Monthly Billing Summary Reports, along with billing and revenue dashboards, income statements, cash flow reports and other management and control tools.

Medical Billing Web-Based Software

With Care Med Bill, there’s no better software to support your in-house billing process. In Care Med Bill, we use a Web-based interface to provide many of the essential functions medical practices need in order to maximize their invoicing efficiency and/or revenues. Depending on the needs of the practice, this provides several advantages over traditional on-site system installations. This guide will provide an overview of the market and to help buyers in their decision-making process search for the right solutions. Medical billing processes can be time-consuming. That’s why you need billing products that help you streamline operations and improve your practice’s financial performance. We offer A/R management, denial resolution, claim submission, reporting, payment posting and eligibility verification modules. These functionalities assist you in avoiding coding errors.


Care Med Bill is an essential component in telehealth services for a variety of reasons, one being HIPAA compliance, and another being checking a patient’s insurance eligibility before they receive medical care. Our software does not only make you HIPAA compliant, but it also provides you with plenty of features and resources that greatly simplify your billing process. Good software will make your records and bills easier to locate and it will make filing claims much more convenient. Most of the payment is made after the patient has received care, which is why hospitals have always found it difficult to collect the remaining balance from patients. Since bills also tend to be very complex, patients find it hard to understand exactly what they owe and end up putting it off. We have solved these problems almost completely. Apart from convenience, however, another major advantage we provide is timeliness. The payments can now be made on time.

Dedicated Team

Care Med Bill dedicated team of medical billing professionals serves as an extension of your own staff, with your success being the primary objective. Let Care Med Bill enhance service quality and productivity of your administrative and back-office support functions. Our proficient staff handle your entire billing operations, from claim creation, quick submission, aggressive follow up, denial management, appeals, payment posting, reporting as well as consistently guiding practice staff to get you paid 6% more and 35% faster. Our highly professional team meticulously work with you for a seamless transition while developing a customized approach designed to meet the overall objectives of your organization. We deliver the support you need, be a key to scale up your financial growth and increase your company’s bottom line and provide better cash flow to operate. Also, through our transparent, robust reports you always get to know where you stand financially.

Patient Billing

Care Med Bill helps in generating healthcare claims to submit to insurance companies for the purpose of obtaining payment for medical services rendered by providers and provider organizations. After translating a healthcare service into a billing claim, we follow the claim to ensure the organization receives reimbursement for the work the provider performed. Our knowledgeable biller team can optimize revenue performance for the physician practice or healthcare organization. Our main features in the software that you should be familiar with include claims processing, in which the system validates each claim and the codes it uses before actually sending them out, so you can correct any typographical or coding errors first. Our software used, includes the ability to verify a patient’s eligibility and insurance status.


The medical billing appeals process is the process used by a healthcare provider if the payer (insurance company) or the patient disagrees with any item or service provided and withholds reimbursement payment. When we receive a claim denial, we appeal according to the rules of the insurance network, It is advisable to not waste time and workforce on claims that cannot be appealed. Below are some pointers to start appeal process: Every claim denied by the insurance company cannot be appealed. So, first we segregate the denied claims according to their appealing eligibility. Arrange the appeals according to their value. The greater the amount of the claim, greater is the chance for it to get paid. The different types of denials need separate kinds of appeals letter. As advisable we do not follow the same template for all appeal letters. We focus on appeal process with our experienced professionals who help out healthcare organizations and individuals providers to maintain financial revenue.

Electronic and paper claim submission with up to 98% recovery

Electronic claims in medical billing are becoming the industry standard. We create and submit digitally, with no paper or postage trail. This can save medical practices invaluable time and money while improving claims quality and tracking. You can submit electronic claims through either self-service or outsourced full-service models. We are rapidly becoming the industry standard. You can create and file them yourself or outsource the process through our services. Med Care Bill best picks page can point you to the service best for your practice’s needs. Once you’re set up with the right service, you can submit your claims electronically to payers rather than sending paper HCFA forms by mail. Printing and completing manual forms is a painstaking process that just can’t be automated. Our service can compile electronic claims in a fraction of the time through automation processes that minimize errors. It can then submit these error-free claims almost immediately. Fewer errors, of course, means fewer claim rejections, which could improve your cash flow.